• Purpose


    The purpose of this site is to facilitate instruction of Mr. Lambert P. Famorca @ SLU - Baguio.

    The site may only be used for courses offered to students as part of the BSIT / BSCS / BSIS / BSIM / MIT / MS SME curriculum.

  • Applicability


    The policies defined in this Site Policy apply to all users of the MyVLE website and the services it offers.

    Users of this site agree to abide by all University policies and the Honor Code

  • Technical Requirements

    Technical Requirements

    Users are responsible for ensuring that they meet all technical requirements for accessing and using MyVLE effectively.

    These may include the required operating systems, compatible browsers and required bandwidth.

  • Obtaining an Account

    Obtaining an Account

    Any student enrolled in a subject under Mr. Famorca may request a MyVLE account. Accounts are manually registered by the Course Administrator. Granting of additional access will be decided by the Course Administrator. Partner faculty members can be granted a MyVLE account upon proper request.

  • Guest Account

    Guest Accounts

    For site security reasons, no guest accounts or permissions are allowed. However, special guests may obtain access to a MyVLE course as a Visiting Account. The Visiting Account is able to view and monitor activities in a course. Kindly direct your request to the Head of the MyVLE Office.

  • User Privacy

    User Privacy

    Users MUST respect the privacy rights of other users of MyVLE. Users are urged to use discretion and caution in divulging personal information within MyVLE. Users are responsible for securing their password. To reset a password, users should contact the Help Desk at helpdesk@myvirtuallearning.org.

  • Violations and Penalties

    Violations and Penalties

    Violations will be investigated by the Course Administrator. Depending on the seriousness, the account of the student/s will be suspended. Violations in any part of this policy and the honor code MUST be reported immediately to the Help Desk at helpdesk@myvirtuallearning.org.