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My Virtual Learning provides an environment for students to prepare for the real world. A local server is used to conduct proctored exams and seatwork for students. It is also a repository of the different projects of students of Mr. Lambert Famorca.

Keep Learning, Keep Sharing

My Virtual Learning was conceptualized in 2009. It was later introduced and used by students in a university in 2010.

Subject management

My Virtual allows instructors to create and manage subjects, setup course materials and organize course content.

Learning Resources

My Virtual supports a variety of resources that students can use including documents and multimedia.

Assessment and evaluation

My Virtual allows instructors to provide different question types to create and manage exams, quizzes, and assignments.

Communication and collaboration

My Virtual offers various tools to support real-time communication and collaboration between students and instructors, including forums, video conferencing and messaging.

In 2011, Mr. Famorca introduced and used it for his subjects in Saint Louis University.

Grading and feedback

My Virtual allows instructors to track and manage student scores for individual assignments, quizzes and exams, as well as overall sublject progress.

Rubrics for Evaluation and assessment

Instructors can create and apply grading rubrics that provide clear criteria and standards in evaluating student work.

Customization and personalization

My Virtual can be customized to fit the requirements of different universities, individual instructors and students for a personalized and adaptive learning.

Security and privacy

My Virtual offers security features such as data encryption, secure login and ensures the safety and privacy of user data.

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My Virtual Learning

The purpose of this site is to facilitate instruction of Mr. Lambert P. Famorca @ SLU - Baguio. The site may only be used for courses offered to students as part of the BSIT / BSCS / BMMA / MIT / MS SME curriculum. Any student enrolled in a subject under Mr. Famorca may request an account. Accounts are manually registered by a Course Administrator. Granting of additional access will be decided by a Course Administrator. Partner faculty members can be granted a My Virtual Learning account upon proper request.

My Virtual Learning is a blended learning environment that introduces different activities for engagement, assessment, feedback and validation

Classroom activities include seatwork and group work to enhance critical thinking and collaboration. Laboratory activities include simulations and workflow analysis to develop skills and capacity.

  • Classroom activities stimulate analysis, critical thinking and evaluation of solutions
  • Laboratory activities introduce simulated exercises to encourage skills development to exhibit technical and decision-making capabilities
  • Laboratory examinations facilitate secured proctored examination for reliable assessment, feedback and results.
  • Examinations verify and validate classroom discussions, lectures and presentations
  • Online activities include quizzes, assignments, course materials, scheduling and messaging to enhance connectivity and collaboration toward an inclusive learning environment


  • Technology Integration – The K-12 program emphasizes the use of technology in teaching and learning and enrich hybrid or blended learning environments.
  • Career Pathways – SHS students can choose from three tracks: Academic, Technical-Vocational-Livelihood (TVL), and Sports and Arts.
  • Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education (MTB-MLE) – This approach aims to improve students' cognitive development and strengthen their cultural identity by using the student's first language as the medium of instruction in the early grades, with the gradual introduction of Filipino and English.
  • Work Immersion – SHS students are encouraged to undergo work immersion or on-the-job training to gain first hand experience in their chosen career fields.
K-12 programs


  • Flexibility and Accessibility - A learning management system enables students to access course materials, assignments, and assessments from anywhere at any time through the internet.
  • Personalized Learning - A learning management system can introduce personalize learning experiences for each student by tracking progress to provide personalized feedback, while blended learning can allow students to learn at their own pace and style.
  • Collaboration and Communication - A learning management system facilitates collaboration among students and between students and instructors. Students participate in online discussions, share resources, and work on group projects. Instructors provide feedback, communicate with students, and facilitate discussions.
  • Assessment and Evaluation - A learning management system is used to assess and evaluate student learning through various assessment methods such as quizzes, assignments, and exams by providing real-time feedback to students. A learning management system enables instructors monitor progress to adjust teaching strategies.
Tertiary programs


  • Professional Development - Post-graduate programs often include professional development opportunities like internships, research projects, and industry partnerships. A learning management system supports these opportunities by providing online resources, facilitating communication with industry partners, and tracking progress.
  • Research - Post-graduate programs often require students to conduct research. Post-grad students can access and share research materials, collaborate with others, and receive instructor guidance and feedback.
  • Analytics and Reporting - A learning management system provides analytics and reporting features that allow instructors to track students' progress and performance, identify areas of improvement, and make data-driven decisions.
  • Integration with other tools - A well-configured learning management system can be integrated with other tools, such as video conferencing, plagiarism detection, and library databases, to enhance the teaching and learning experience.

Certification Centers

  • Online Assessments - A learning management system provides online assessment tools that enable students to take exams, quizzes, and other assessments online, which can increase accessibility and convenience for students who cannot attend in-person courses. These assessments can be auto-graded and analyzed to provide student and instructor feedback.
  • Certification Tracking - A learning management system can track progress toward certification and provide detailed progress reporting to help certification centers identify areas where students need additional support and offer targeted resources to address those needs.
  • Automated Notifications - A learning management system can send automated notifications to students about upcoming deadlines, course updates, and other important information, which can help certification centers stay in communication with students and improve the learning experience.
  • Better Analytics - A learning management system can provide detailed reporting and analytics on students' performance, engagement, and progress, which can help certification centers evaluate every program's effectiveness, identify improvement areas, and make data-driven decisions.
  • Increased Revenue: A learning management system helps increase revenue by enabling online certification programs for students who cannot attend in-person courses.
Certification centers

Review Centers

  • Centralized Management: A learning management system enables the centralization of operations, including student enrollment, course management, and performance tracking, to make it easier for administrators to monitor and manage courses and students.
  • Online Learning: With a learning management system, review centers can offer online learning programs, which are convenient for students who cannot attend physical classes due to distance, time constraints, or schedule issues. This capability opens up opportunities to expand the reach and cater to a broader audience.
  • Personalized Learning: A learning management system can track and analyze student performance data, allowing review centers to personalize teaching strategies based on individual student needs, which can improve student engagement, retention, and overall performance.
  • Automated Assessments: A learning management system can automate assessments, such as quizzes and exams, which saves review centers time and effort in grading and provide informed feedback and consistent evaluation following grading standards.
  • Data Analysis and Reporting: A learning management system can generate reports on student progress, course completion rates, and other performance metrics. This data can help review centers evaluate the effectiveness of courses and make data-driven decisions to improve teaching and delivery strategies.
Review centers

Human Resource Office

  • Onboarding: A learning management system can create and deliver online onboarding training regarding company policies, procedures, and culture.
  • Compliance training: A learning management system can deliver and track compliance training, such as data privacy, safety, and anti-discrimination training.
  • Professional development: A learning management system can provide ongoing professional development to employees.
  • Performance management: A learning management system can track employee performance by providing performance assessments, feedback, and coaching.
  • Talent development: A learning management system can identify employee talent and provide targeted training and development opportunities to develop that talent.
  • Certification and accreditation: A learning management system can manage employees' certification and accreditation process, ensuring necessary credentials and certifications to perform their jobs.
HR office

Subjects Handled

My Virtual Learning was introduced to students in some subjects since 2012.


Businesses are taking advantage of what the Internet and the World Wide Web offer. The tremendous growth of the Internet and the World Wide Web has introduced new ways for organizations and individuals to conduct business and transactions worldwide.

Software Engineering

The course introduces software processes, agile methods, and essential software development activities, including specifications, design, implementation, testing, and maintenance.

System Administration and Maintenance

System administration tasks include system configuration, administrative privileges, software package management, the configuration of system services, monitoring of performances, and web system customization.

Human Computer Interaction

The hallmark of a suitable computing system is in designing usable and interactive computing systems to aid users in better interacting with them.

Computer Networks

The IT professional’s role is to select, design, deploy, integrate, and administer network and communication infrastructures in an organization. This knowledge area includes data communications, telecommunications, and infrastructure security.

Introduction to Computing

The course will provide a foundation of information technology and computer systems and how they affect everyday life.


Student SY 2014-2015

MyVirtual is a great tool for students because it is easy to use and access and I don't have a problem doing my 'online' quizzes or any online activities. Furthermore, although class lectures help a lot in my studies, yet online lecture notes are more advantageous because it gives me additional information about the course.


Student SY 2015-2016

It was great having this kind of interaction between instructors and students other than in class, because we didn't have any difficulty using it as long as we have internet connection.


Student SY 2015-2016

I really like the idea of having a hybrid class because it saves me the hassle to go to classes and have it written instead. I hope to use myvle again in my incoming subjects. Keep up the good work sir! :).


Student SY 2015-2016

MyVLE is a very good platform for a hybrid online course, it is more useful to me than facebook and i gain more knowledge with the additional informative content posted in the site.


Student SY 2015-2016

Checking MyVirtual became my habit every now and then. This hybrid class helped me learn more about things that wasn't discuss in class. And it was kinda fun taking our quizzes online instead of taking it in class.


Student SY 2015-2016

It was my first time learning in a hybrid form of teaching and for me, it was a great experience. I am very comfortable when answering and completing my activities, and I like the idea of having a quiz online. I do so much appreciate My Virtual Learning because it helps me to do my task a lot easier that I don't need to bring any paper works just log in then everything is on my screen like resources etc. I am hoping that I can enroll again in a hybrid course like My Virtual Learning. It was a great experience sir. Thank you for letting us use My Virtual Learning.

Privacy, Purpose and Policy

Personal data obtained from the university portal (ID number, first name, last name, email address, enrolled subject, schedule, IP address) are stored within My Virtual's authorized information and communications system and will only be accessed by authorized personnel (Administrator, Managers, and Teachers). My Virtual instituted appropriate technical security measures to ensure the protection of the student's personal data.

Privacy Statement

This is how My Virtual uses your Basic Personal Data:

  • To uniquely identify you, and to supply your authenticated identity to My Virtual Learning Environment, access course materials and activities, and other services;
  • To communicate with you on matters regarding currently enrolled subjects in My Virtual;
  • To perform security/audit logging;
  • To support system administration, usage tracking, resolve problem determination, and support activities; and
  • To set secure cookies for an authenticated user session.


Students need to be aware of requirements and regulations

  • Purpose. The purpose of this site is to facilitate instruction of Mr. Lambert P. Famorca @ SLU - Baguio. The site may only be used for courses offered to students as part of the BSIT / BSCS curriculum.
  • Applicability. The policies defined in this Site Policy apply to all users of the My Virtual website and the services it offers.
  • Violations and Penalties. Violations will be investigated by the Course Administrator. Violations in any part of this policy and the honor code MUST be reported immediately to the Help Desk at support@myvirtuallearning.org.

Cookies Policy

My Virtual uses session and persistent cookies.

  • My Virtual uses essential cookies to authenticate users and prevent fraudulent use of user accounts.
  • My Virtual uses analytical/performance cookies to recognize and count the number of visitors and see how visitors move around My Virtual when using it.
  • My Virtual uses functionality cookies to enable personalization.
  • My Virtual uses targeting cookies to record the pages a student has visited, as well as links. This information is used to make My Virtual more relevant to your interests. This information is NOT shared with any other party.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you?

Student accounts are created based from the class list provided in the university portal.

Student credentials taken from the class list are ID#, complete name, email address, subject and class code.

As long as a student is under a class of Mr. Famorca, a student can access as many subjects that Mr. Famorca is teaching.

Normally, student accounts for a subject can be accessible for a maximum of two years (4 semesters).

Students can always send an email to support@myvirtuallearning.org to verify missed activities or concerns regarding the platform.
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My Virtual Learning is composed of dedicated individuals who are motivated to learn and share technology

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Lambert Famorca


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